Passion "Palm" Sunday (April 9th)

Passion “Palm” Sunday: Today we read and participate in the account of Jesus’ passion and death, a foretaste of the events that will unfold during this Holy Week. This week there are many opportunities to dive into the mysteries of Jesus’ love for us, including new events like the celebration of Tenebrae on Wednesday evening and an Easter Egg Hunt on Holy Saturday. We’ll also need many parishioners to help decorate and clean the church on Holy Saturday in preparation for Easter. We planned for our school children to be on break this week and there are no Religious Education classes this Wednesday in the hopes of encouraging families to participate in these devotions and solemn liturgies


Godspell Junior: I was spellbound by the performances of our grade school children in their production of Godspell Junior. I have never seen the original version but I cannot imagine a better way to be introduced to the musical than through our parish kids. The acting, singing, humor, stagecraft, décor, and dancing all came across very well. It also directly evangelized the audience in teaching Christ’s essential parables and teachings in a fun way. I am so proud of all the kids that participated on and behind the stage. Special thanks go to CtK teachers Mindy Fasano, Amy Becker and Rebekah Menzel for overseeing the event.


Newman Center Oratory: The nearby JPII Newman Center just celebrated the dedication and consecration of their newly-completed oratory, i.e., a modest church, last Sunday. The space is stunning and profound. Please consider making a trip to the Newman Center at 70th & Pacific Street and tour the dorms and pray in the oratory. This center for our young adults is teaching them how to become fervent disciples. It will have a dramatic and profound impact on our future vocations to matrimony, consecrated life, and holy orders.


Staff Change: We are sad to see our parish Evangelization Director, Brandon Harvey, prepare to depart from us. Brandon gave me notice and he has accepted a new position with the Chesterton Academy that will allow him to use his considerable teaching gifts and love of classical education. Brandon will be here through May 31, 2017. I am grateful for the various initiatives he helped us begin and that will continue in the parish, faith-building events like Discovering Christ, Bible studies, etc. Please pray for him and wish him well. 


A Word from Our Evangelization Director: I have been blessed to observe and be part of the work of the Holy Spirit at CtK: ongoing evangelization opportunities for adults, a revised Baptism Prep, and a parish community focused RCIA. Programs are only growing in attendance and fruit of the Spirit. CtK is a community of the New Evangelization. This is all thanks to the Holy Spirit and Father Cook. I am blessed to have been part of it.



As I apply for the deacon program in the Archdiocese, I find myself reflecting more on my ministry. For a year I have had a yearning to do ministry on a different level. I love Christ and His Church so much that I would say “yes” to His ministry for free. This yearning has only grown. After a lengthy period of discernment, I have accepted a new position as the Headmaster and Theology teacher at the Chesterton Academy of Omaha. This new opportunity will allow me to pursue my passion for Classical Education, teaching and discover a new way of saying “yes” to ministry. 


The clergy, staff, evangelization team, RCIA participants and parish families have become such a big part of my heart that I will never forget a moment. You have been so good to me and my family. Thank you. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for the next stage of evangelization at CtK. With excellent clergy and evangelization leaders, God is surely going to continue to be realized in the New Evangelization at CtK. God bless you and thank you.


Garage Sale Thanks: Once again I am so impressed with the Parents Club Garage Sale: the leadership, quality of items, organization, and spirit of the event. It provides great items at reasonable prices for those that come, it helps us unclutter our closets, and it generates revenue that helps the parish and school. It also makes people in the larger community aware of Christ the King. Thanks to everyone who donated to the sale, to all the area captains and managers who organized for and assisted in the sale, and especially to Rebecca Hazel for coordinating the entire effort.


Parish Office Closed: In celebration of the holy days, the Rectory will be closed on Good Friday, April 14 and Easter Monday, April 17. We regret any inconvenience.


Abstinence from Meat: Those age 14 and older are required to refrain from eating meat on Good Friday, April 14.


Fasting: Those between the ages of 18 and 59 should fast on Good Friday. Fasting consists of eating one full meal and two smaller meals during the day, without snacks. If one cannot do this for legitimate health reasons, he or she is exempt.