Parish Pastoral Council

The Christ the King Parish Pastoral Council is a consul-tative body acting in an advisory capacity to the pastor of Christ the King Parish.  Together with the pastor, the Pastoral Council promotes the following of Jesus, Son of God, our Savior.  The Parish Pastoral Council was created by the Constitution of Christ the King Parish accepted as of February 17, 2004.


Fr. Damien Cook - Pastor

Fr. Ben Boyd - Parochial Vicar

Deacon Jon Fulcher - Deacon

Randy Park - Ordinand to the Diaconate

Terry Petersen - President

Maris Bentley

Jan Braun

Bill Cihal

Lynn deMayo

Dennis Drews

Ted Franco

Tom Heldridge

Brenda Langenberg

Skip Maloley - Secretary

Will Ostdiek

Cathy McDermott - Education Steering Board Rep.

Colleen White - Ladies Guild Rep.

? - Finance Council Rep.

? - Parents' Club Rep.

Finance Council

The Finance Council is appointed by the pastor to advise on parish investments and parish expenditures. Members are responsible for assisting in establishing the annual parish budget.


Steve Olsen - Chairman

Bill Kizer

Jeff Neary

Jess Sweley

John Thomas

Patrick Tucker

Tim Wilson

Mission Development Committee

The Mission Development Committee is appointed by the pastor to facilitate Hospitality, Good News Publications, Fundraising Support, Corporal Works of Mercy, and School Support under the umbrella of Stewardship.


Paul LaFave - Chairman

Ed Batchelder

Meghan Griffel

Gayle Heldridge

Frank Johansen

Lance Jones

Tom Kelley

Kathy Kemler

Kathy O’Connor

Tricia Olsen

John Pflug

Nic Prenger

Matt Willkom

Educational Trust Committee

The Educational Trust was established to provide, by means of an educational fund, long-range supplementary funds for Catholic Education within the parish.  Annually, in June, the SPICE (Supporting Parish Investment in Catholic Education) Dinner is held.  All are invited to attend and support this event.


Gary Witt - Chairman

Nancy Abboud

Bill Dyer

Martha Flinn

Diane Fulcher

John Huerter

Mike Kravchuk

Rick Kucirek

Tom Nichting

Terry Petersen

Melanie Ziegler