When one of its members dies, the Church encourages the celebration of the Mass. In the proclamation of the Scriptures, the saving word of God through the power of the Spirit becomes living and active in the minds and hearts of the faithful. Having been strengthened at the table of God's Word, the community then turns to the Eucharist, which is a living sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. Communion nourishes the community and expresses unity. In communion, the participants have a foretaste of the heavenly banquet that awaits them and are reminded of Christ's own words: "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood shall live forever" (John 6:55).

In contrast to the Vigil service, which is a time of reflection and waiting for the Lord, the funeral Mass is a time when the community focuses intensely on the Resurrection. For this reason, a eulogy that focuses on the deceased rather than God is not appropriate for the Mass. Once again, please feel free to include eulogies or other words of remembrance as part of the Vigil service.