...regarding the Liturgy
  • The priest will give you and your family the opportunity to choose the Scripture readings for the Mass if you would like.
  • Members of your family or friends may read from the Scriptures at the funeral Mass. However, those who read must be mandated lectors of the Omaha Archdiocese or be active in this ministry in their home diocese. Members of other faiths, Christian or otherwise, are not permitted to proclaim the Scriptures at the Mass.
  • You are welcome to choose people to place the pall on the casket at the beginning of Mass and to bring up the gifts of bread and wine at the offertory.
  • Music is a very important part of the funeral Mass. When making selections, one should keep in mind that the focus at the Mass is on Christ, His Resurrection and our prayers for the deceased. For this reason, secular music is not allowed at the Mass. Please feel free to include such music as part of the Vigil service.
...some helpful hints
  • We would encourage you to contact the mortuary concerning any video or slideshow needs, as they normally will provide these services outside the Funeral Mass.
  • Have someone "house sit" during the Vigil and funeral Mass.
    • Your immediate home and those of other family members whose names have been printed in the newspaper since the information is public.
  • Have someone greet those coming to your home after the death has been made public.
  • Ask someone to organize the food that is brought to your home, keeping a record of food and donor.
  • You may receive requests for donations/memorials from various organizations. If you are not familiar with these organizations, it would be wise to check their validity.