In June of 1953, Archbishop Gerald T. Bergan announced the erection of a new parish in West Omaha, the first new parish in the Archdiocese in 34 years.  It was to be known as Christ the King Parish, and Father Robert P. Hupp was appointed its founding pastor.  Plans commenced immediately for development of the 13 acre tract of land which lay in the heart of the new parish.

In the early days of the parish, Father Hupp resided at St. James Orphanage.  In a few months time, he was able to purchase a house near the parish property.  Sunday Masses for the first year and a half were held at Peony Park.

By Christmas of 1953, contracts had been signed for a grade school and a gymnasium-auditorium, the latter to serve as a temporary Church.

In September of 1954, Christ the King School opened its doors to 123 pupils in eight grades.  Four Sisters of the Servants of Mary were in charge.

The story since then has been one of continuous growth and expansion.  In January of 1960, ground was broken for Christ the King's permanent church and rectory.  The plans for the 1100 seat structure drew international architectural notice.  The permanent church was dedicated in the summer of 1961, the only one in town with stained glass windows.

The newly constructed Parish Center was dedicated in November of 1998.

In April of 2006 the Tradition of Excellence Campaign was launched with the proceeds used to install a geothermal HVAC system in the school, remodel the school bathrooms, repair and restore the stained glass windows in the church, interior church renovation, construction of the Patricia J. Koley adoration chapel and exterior parking lot and drainage projects completed.

You can read more about the history of Christ the King parish through our founding pastor's memoirs, Dawn of a New Parish.  Msgr. Hupp wrote this on the occasion of the parish's 50th anniversary.  You can read the entire book on our website by clicking the picture of the book cover on the right.

Pastors serving at Christ the King
Monsignor Robert P. Hupp 1953-1973
Monsignor Robert J. Gass 1973-1998
Father Thomas Ward 1998-2001
Father James Bartak 2001-2003
Father Steven J. Stillmunks 2003-2012
Bishop Joseph G. Hanefeldt 2012 - 2015
Father Damien J. Cook 2015-Present
Parochial Vicars (Associates)
Fr. James Ladd Fr. John McCaslin
Fr. Thomas Talbert Fr. Thomas McDermott
Fr. Gerald Millenkamp Fr. Leo Raus
Fr. Donald Shane Fr. William Hettinger
Fr. Robert Duffy Fr. Donald Cleary
Fr. James Kenny Fr. Francis Partusch
Fr. Theodore Richling Fr. David LaPlante
Fr. Thomas Greisen Fr. David Reeson
Fr. Stephen Gutgsell Fr. Frank Baumert
Fr. Matthew Gutowski Fr. James Buckley
Fr. John Pietramale Fr. Wayne Schlautman
Fr. Daniel Andrews Fr. Hubert Boschert, S.J.
Fr. Christopher Onuoha Fr. Douglas Hall
Fr. John Norman Fr. Ben Boyd
Fr. Jason Catania