Teachers at Christ the King School provide academic instruction designed to challenge and  help each student reach their full potential.  Key skills students learn and practice on a daily basis include:

- how to live their Christian faith
- how to organize & apply solid study skills
- how to apply concepts learned in:
-- Math
-- Science
-- Language Arts
-- Social Studies
- how to be a good team player & leader
- how to be a better writer & speaker

All aspects and activities of the Christ the King guidance program have as their foundation the beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church.

Christ the King Catholic School employs a full-time Guidance Counselor. The Guidance Counselor coordinates with elementary classroom teachers and meets with elementary classes (grades K - 4th) on a periodic basis.  The guidance counselor meets with middle school classes (grades 5th - 8th) usually each week.  The guidance counselor also meets with students individually and in small groups as necessary to discuss topics such as resolving school-related concerns, making friends, coping with loss or divorce, academic progress, etc.  Students may be self-referred or referred by the principal, teachers or parents. If a student is in need of further individual counseling services, the school guidance counselor, teacher and/or school administration may recommend community resources. The Guidance Counselor is also available to faculty, staff and parents for consultation related to student issues.

The Guidance Counselor oversees the 5th - 8th grade "House" system, the 5th - 8th grade Academic Focus Room, and leads the Student Success Team (SST). The SST consists of trained teachers and the principal.  Parents, the student, or teachers can refer a student to this team in order to help them reach their full potential in social, behavioral and/or academic areas.

Parents must provide the school with documentation and information related to the students' medical and/or learning disabilities. These conditions should be indicated on the annual student health update. Parents of students with visual or hearing conditions that require special classroom seating arrangements should notify the school nurse with a written physician's statement. The nurse will provide each teacher who works with the child the appropriate information.

Parents are reminded that there are some special services such as speech therapy available to Christ the King students through the public school system. If you feel your child has a special need, please share this information with the classroom teacher, guidance counselor, or the nurse. The appropriate papers to request testing will be made available.

Homework is given to provide independent review of key concepts learned in the classroom, and to develop responsibility and good study habits in students. Students at Christ the King should expect homework at all grade levels. While the amount of work and time necessary to complete homework should decrease as the student's skill improve, all homework assignments are important. Homework allows students to share newly learned skills with their families. It provides reinforcement of classroom lessons and mastery of concepts. Responsibilities are also learned, such as the responsibility to follow directions, complete an assignment independently, and return the lessons on time. These skills are necessary to ensure a student's success.

On average, 20 minutes multiplied by a student's grade level gives parents a somewhat appropriate guide for time spent on homework, although this may vary according the ability level of the student. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers as soon as they notice that their child is spending an excessive amount of time completing homework. Dialogue with the teacher is essential in addressing the situation effectively and promptly.

If a parent/guardian has a concern with any media in the curriculum or library, these concerns should be directed to the principal. Appendix A of the current Family and Student Handbook contains a complete list of textbooks used by Christ the King School.

Student academic progress is available to parents through the Sycamore Grading System used for all students in grades 1-8. Questions and/or concerns regarding a child's performance should immediately be directed to the teacher.

A private conference between the parents and the teacher is arranged during Parent/Teacher Conference Day for each student one time per semester. Other conferences are made when the teacher, principal, or parent feels that one is needed. These conferences should not be held during the time classes are in session. Preschool - 4th grade students may attend their conferences with the prior approval of the teacher and parent.  Students in grades 5th - 8th are part of the conferencing process and participate in Student-Led Conferences.

Conference schedules are distributed for those students in preschool through 4th grade and parents are requested to follow the times provided.

All preschool through 4th grade conferences will be held in the respective teachers' classrooms. 5th - 8th grade conferences are held in the cafeteria with teachers available on a first come first serve basis. Specialty teachers are available in their classrooms or in the cafeteria.

Parents needing longer than 10 minutes per teacher should schedule a special conference.

The student is promoted each year on the recommendation of the teacher and principal. If a student is experiencing difficulty mastering grade level skills and concepts, he/she will be referred to the Student Success Team (SST). Student's educational needs will be assessed and an educational plan will be designed and implemented prior to a recommendation for retention. A teacher may recommend retention of a student in a grade level, when there is strong evidence that the student would profit from repeating the grade.

Christ the King School annually participates in standardized and individual testing including the following: The Terra Nova Tests are administered in the fall of each school year for grades 3-7 (which include the In-View Cognitive Ability Test), and 8th grade students take the ACT EXPLORE Test.  Individual results are mailed to parents/guardians in late fall. In addition, each year the principal holds an informational meeting with parents to summarize overall school results.

Pursuant to Archdiocesan policy #5051, official student files contain only:

  1. academic transcript
  2. attendance record
  3. records of educational or related testing
  4. emergency information
  5. required health information

All information contained in the official student file is factual and not observational. Pursuant to Archdiocesan policy #5052, the content of student records will only be released to authorized persons. A parent signature is required for release of records.

Field trips are planned to enhance classroom instruction. Students are asked to dress in complete uniform, unless otherwise specified. Permission forms will be sent home with your children prior to the field trip taking place. The form must be signed and returned with any fees, as indicated. While on school-sponsored field trips, students are expected to show respect to the bus driver and chaperones and to observe usual classroom conduct while on the bus and during the field trip.