The cafeteria at Christ the King School is a self-supporting program. Each family has a lunch account established automatically when they register for school.


Fast food & pop may not be brought into the cafeteria or school for students by parents for birthdays or any other school day, i.e. Subway, Burger King, etc.


Please Note: Lunches are prepared by the Westside Community School Nutrition Services department. Please refer to the Westside Community Schools menu for additional information and complete menu options

A pay in advance “lunch account system” is used at Christ the King Catholic School. Students are required to have money in their lunch account before receiving hot, alternate, yogurt & cheese, or milk. Money can be put into the lunch account at school registration, and throughout the school year by dropping off a check in the office or by signing up for electronic funds transfer (EFT). Parents will be responsible for monitoring their child’s lunch account balance using Sycamore.

Lunch prices are as follows (per person):

Hot Lunch, Alternate,
or Yogurt & Cheese
Extra Portion Milk
$2.75 $1.45 $0.45

Note: Students may have two lunches, if desired. However, they must be ordered when the lunch count is done in the morning.

Lunch Menu