Preparing Christian leaders through academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

To bring all students in Christ the King community to God through a faith filled and dynamic Catholic education.

1. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Risen Lord.

2. We believe in teaching students to live the Gospel message.

3. We believe in fostering the development of an educational atmosphere and community, rooted in the Catholic faith.

4. We believe in stewardship, the sharing of time, talent and treasure, to support our Catholic school and provide effective programs for generations to come.

5. We believe in teaching the importance of service to society through prayer and action.

6. We believe that all students can maximize their potential for learning through excellence in teaching.

7. We believe students should learn to cooperate in areas of work, study and play.

8. We believe in the integration of technology within the school.

9. We believe in providing effective instruction through the recruitment, employment and development of staff members, dedicated to the mission of the school.

10. We believe in regular monitoring of school needs and adjusting of programs and personnel to meet those needs.

11. We believe in an on-going process of curriculum development.

12. We believe in developing confidence and self-reliance in students.

13. We believe in developing sound moral judgment in every student.

14. We believe in providing a superior facility to enhance learning.

15. We believe that parents, as primary educators of their children, have an obligation to give to our Catholic school all their support and cooperation in the school's work for the good of their children.

  • A commitment to and an understanding of the Gospel and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Concern and respect for others.
  • Knowledge and skills in group-interaction including cooperation and leadership.
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to be self-directed learners in secondary education and beyond.
  • Effective communication skills including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • Mathematical knowledge and skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, estimation, geometry, and algebra.
  • Knowledge and skills in life, earth, and physical science.
  • An understanding of civic rights and responsibilities in a democratic society.
  • Knowledge of the geography and history of the cultures of the United States and other countries, and the influences they have on today's events.
  • Technological knowledge and skills including, but not limited to keyboarding, word processing, databases, spreadsheets, multimedia application, and research tools.
  • Knowledge and skills in depicting and appreciating musical and artistic expression.
  • Knowledge and skills in library science which facilitates reading for leisure, research, and lifelong learning.
  • Spanish knowledge and skills including speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness.
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to promote lifelong wellness and fitness.
  • Use and application of problem solving, decision making, and critical thinking in all areas of curriculum, and in daily life situations.