This is a list of the past SPICE dinner themes and chairpersons listed below:

Year Theme Chairpersons Logo
2019 SPICE Under the Sea Amber & Brian Fahey
Kara & Tom Kelley
Kerri & Mike Kubat
2018 SPICE on the Gogh Lori Dvorak
Cindi & Tyler Horning
Beth & Tim Wilson
2017 Fiesta SPICE Gayle & Tom Heldridge
Lisa & Rob Wellendorf
2016 Viva Las SPICE Molly & Mike Erftmier
Jeanie & Lance Jones
Jane & Joe Stessman
2015 SPICE Around the Clock

Amy & John Thomas

Tricia & Steve Olsen

2014 Caribbean Spice Tina and Paul LaFave

2013 Music of the Night

JoAnn and Bob Evon

Sharon and Kevin O'Malley

2012 A Night in Napa

Julie and Frank Bacon

Kristi and Todd Kellen

2011 Star Spangled SPICE

Juli and Hal Kaftan

Lynn and Miles deMayo

2010 Old School

Julie and Charlie Burt

Kyle and Mike Nelson

2009 Laughter is the SPICE of Life

Jan and Tim Braun

Julie and John Huerter

2008 A Royal Affair

Becki and JF Carter

Rebecca and Ed Hazel

2007 Lights! Camera! Educate!

Kathy and Jeff Neary

Janet and Tom Nichting

2006 The Big Apple

Ann and Ed Batchelder

Barb and Chip Greene

2005 Night Under the Stars

Muffy and Matt Flinn

Diane and Jon Fulcher

2004 La Festa Italiana

Cheri and Paul Andrews

Karen Hotz

2003 50th Anniversary of CTK

Kathy and Tom Langdon

Jill and Terry Petersen

2002 Celebrating the Freedom of Catholic Education

Kate and John Horgan

Molly and Gary Witt


Amy and John Chisholm

Marge and Scott DiLorenzo

Anne Marie and Mike O'Brien

2000 Fiesta

Judy and Richard Harvey

Kelly and Britt Thedinger


Michon and Tim Abts

Michaela and Richard Belatti


Rae and Bill Dyer

Melanie and Peter Ziegler


Deb and Pat Bogard

Kathy and John Nahas


Ann Marie and Chris Abboud

Shawn and John Sylvia


Deanna & John Foley

Karen & Calvin German


Teri & Mark D'Agostino


Marcia & Mike DeFreece

Janie & Terry Kolbeck


Jane O'Keefe Addy


Carol & Allen Dvorak

Sharon & John Emery


Janis & Mark Enenbach


Nancy & David Abboud


Donna & Thomas Burke


Cheryl & John McCarthy

Paulette & James Stanoscheck


Josephine & Eugene Witt